Tips :: How to choose your wedding dress.

One thing I really stress to my brides when I first meet them, is that I know EXACTLY what they are going through. At the end of this month, I shall have been married for two years, so I remember all that went in to planning and curating my perfect wedding day. This is something that connects me to you as a couple, both running up to your day and on the day itself. For that reason, I thought it would be good to compile a few blog posts that help you understand some of the wedding process beyond the photography, to help you create a list of potential vendors, and hopefully help you to feel a little more prepared as you begin the planning process. 

I thought I would start with the thing that was the starting point for me - the dress. As soon as Jamie had placed that ring on my finger the first thing I wanted to go and do was try on some dresses. I remember getting home to my parents and insisting we go to the first dress shop I thought of that very same week. I have recently been lucky enough to be working alongside the incredible Jennifer Bone at My Little Wedding Shop, who just so happens to be the person who I purchased my own wedding dress from. Jenny let me have a quick tour around her shop to grab some shots for the purpose of this blog post.

Where should You shop?

Like any type of clothing, there isn't just a one size fits all shop. My first mistake was going to a bridal store that only sold mass produced gowns, so although I felt pretty amazing trying the dresses on, there wasn't particularly anything I felt was truly me. I recommend looking for smaller boutiques, who will often have a smaller selection of handpicked or in house designed dresses, which will make it easier to decide whether or not you want to purchase your dress from that particular shop pretty quickly. Another lovely thing about shopping in a bridal boutique is that you get to have a personal connection with the shop owner, me and Jenny have stayed in contact for the last two years because of the wonderful experience I had shopping with her. Jenny also offers a bespoke dress making service, so if you have a specific idea in mind of the dress you want, going down the bespoke route may also be a good option. 

Who should you take with you?

It could be tempting to take every girl in your life to your dress fittings, as it is such a beautiful experience that you are likely to want to share. However, I would recommend thinking carefully about the opinions you trust, and who you really want to be having their say on the dress you are going to wear on your wedding day. The dress is yours, and although others opinions can be valuable, avoid taking anybody who is likely to force your hand on the matter. Too many opinions can be very confusing, and the simpler you keep it the easier your decision will be. If you want to, go alone while choosing and then invite your nearest and dearest when you go for your fitting. 

3.How will you know which dress to go for? 

When thinking about which dress to go for, the best thing to do is to close your eyes and imagine yourself as a bride. Look through your Pinterest board and work out what your wedding is going to be like and imagine yourself in the middle of it all. Write down a few ideas of how you would describe the style and feel of the overall look you'll be going for. When you try the dress on, you will know, but if you are struggling to know what style you want to try on, having these ideas in your mind will help you to narrow things down. I would recommend trying on a few different styles just to see how they look on you, what I ended up going for wasn't what I thought would look the best on me, but when I tried it on I fell instantly in love. 

4. What Accessories should you choose?

The accessories you go for will largely depend on the dress, so once you have the dress chosen try on as many different veils, tiaras, and jewellery as possible. Don't be scared to ask to try on the available headpieces in the shop, you really need to see the look as a whole to decide what kind of accessories to go for. If you are going for a flower crown, make sure to show pictures of the dress to the florist so she can help with your design. 

The best advice I can give is trust your gut. If you love it, you should absolutely go with it, but finding a great place to shop can really improve the overall experience! I couldn't recommend Jenny more as a designer and as a person, as my experience with her was brilliant!