How I Package My Client Gifts

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go...
— Unknown

If you read my 50 things that make me happy post last week, you will know that there are few things in life that make me happier than gift wrapping. It honestly is one of my favourite things to do, however sad that is. Since I started my business, it has been my aim to not only offer a photography service, but an experience for my wonderful clients. My clients give me so much - trust, friendship and love for our work, so giving back has always been hugely important to me. I do my best to provide all of my clients with the gift of a stack of 6x4 prints, so that they have something immediately tangible, something to keep in a drawer and take out every so often to remember the moments we captured together. 

Something else that I love to do, is support other local vendors in their journey. Over the past few months, I have collaborated with various businesses who I feel not only work well with my brand, but who can also be of use to each and every one of my clients, businesses that I can recommend as vendors so as to build a network of beautiful creators to make planning your wedding or event that bit easier. In putting this blog post together, I would love to introduce you to them. 

Thank You Cards

Wendy of The Charming Press is an award winning creator who puts her heart and soul into designing to your exact needs. I reached out to a few vendors when looking to design the perfect thank you card, but Wendy stood out to me as acting as a human being as well as a business person. Her enthusiasm for my work and mine for hers meant we were able to bounce ideas off each other and she had no problem in mocking me up as many designs as I needed until I was perfectly happy. She didn't push me to order straight away or respond to my email with mindless responses and quotes, we also got to know each other in the process. Her design work is impeccable, and the quality of her stationery is second to none. She offers custom designed stationery and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for someone to design their wedding stationery or any other stationery you could possibly need. 


Since entering the wedding world, something that has always enchanted me is the art of calligraphy. I got this incredible starter kit from the amazing Alice Gabb and have been trying my hand at the art of calligraphy to bring a personal touch to my gifts. Alice's tag line is 'It's Polite To Write' and this is something I can really relate to! If you want to try your own hand at calligraphy, this is a great place to start. Alice also offers the option of having her do your calligraphy for you, for anyone who isn't as keen on the idea of hours of painstaking practice! 

Custom Stamp

This custom stamp from The English Stamp Company is the perfect finish to my envelopes - this company are great as they offer both custom designs and have a huge amount of stock stamps and creative ideas to go with them on their website! This company were so easy to work with, with no hassle and clear instructions on the best way to present and upload your design for the best results. 


Wax Seal

If calligraphy wasn't enough, using a wax seal is can of the coolest most old school feeling thing ever. Watching the hot wax drip into a circle and then stamping it down is way more fun than it should be, and I'd be lying if I said I don't wax seal anything that I think it will stick to. I got this one custom designed by The Celtic Gift Shop on etsy, and after messaging them they agreed to make a stamp from my logo at no extra charge. You also get four sticks of sealing wax included with your stamp, and they have an array of colours to fit with whatever scheme you might need.  I'm no expert, but this is one high quality product which I honestly Couldn't be happier with, especially at such a reasonable price. 

Silk Ribbon

If there is one thing I love when packaging up gifts, its ribbon. If there is one type of ribbon I love, it is silk ribbon. The raw edges and delicate texture reminiscent of the ties on ballet slipper is like no other, and finishing off a stack of prints with a beautiful soft blush bow is like music to my soul. The amazing PomPom Blossom has become my go to when it comes to ribbon for my packaging as it truly has the beautiful finish that I adore. 

What are your favourite stationery suppliers? Let me know in the comments below!