Lifestyle :: 50 Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
— Albus Dumbledore

My blog has become a little bit neglected in recent times, so I have set myself a goal to post every Wednesday and Friday, to get myself into the habit of posting regularly and so I can have a more full journal with notes about me as a person, my work, my travel experiences and tips on photography. I thought I would start with the 50 Thing That Make Me Happy tag, which I came across on Thirteen Thoughts and decided it would be a great way for anyone who doesn’t know me personally to get a bit of insight into me as a human. These aren't in any order, but its a pretty long list so I’ll get stuck into it!

1. My husband. Nothing in this world makes me happier than Jamie. His humour is honestly my favourite and I never get bored of spending time with him. 

2. My Camera - Okay we all saw this one coming, but I couldn’t leave it out could I. 

3. A cup of tea in bed.

4. Large Windows

5. Large Windows with sun Shining through them 

6. My Parents - I feel lucky that I can honestly say I am best friends with my mum and dad. They are the first people I turn to and I absolutely love hanging out with them.

7. How the rain sounds on our loft bedroom roof when we are tucked up in bed.

8. Jamie reading my favourite books to me. 

9. Travelling 

10. The sound of film winding back onto the roll once it’s done.

11. Disney. Anything Disney. 

12. ESPECIALLY Disneyland. 

13. My sisters - sisters are honestly the best thing a girl can have. 

14. Scented Candles

15. Lush Baths.

16. Receiving a package in the post. 

17. Gift wrapping - I honestly cant explain how much I love wrapping gifts. If you receive a gift from me, expect it to be a work of art, I will definitely get carried away. 

18. Writing. 

19. Hearing my husband play guitar, piano, or any other random instrument in the background. My life has a constant backing track and I absolutely love it - even when that backing track is very loud drum pad or synthesiser. 

20. Listening to Bruce Springsteen with my dad. 

21. My friends - I don’t have a whole lot of friends, but I am always surrounded by the best people in the world. I have the closest thing I will ever get to brothers and they are kind of totally awesome. 

22. LOVE.

23. Food - especially Italian food.  (Although olives, camembert and a breadstick is my food heaven.)

24. Baths so long the water goes cold. 

25. Binging on Netflix 

26. Buying Jamie stuff. I honestly cant go into a shop without doing it. 

27. Meeting other creatives and feeling like we have known each other forever. 

28. Watching The Michalaks on Youtube every Sunday. 

29. Jamie’s dog - he is the CUTEST dog in the world. He looks great in a scarf and gives the best cuddles. 

30. Watches.

31. Shopping.

32. The smell of a new book. 

33. Fresh flowers.

34. Hot tubs. 

35. Forests - I’ve actually got a tree allergy which is ironic but I adore forests and trees I just have to grin and bare it. 

36. Lakes.

37. My Nana - The most wonderful lady in the world. 

38. Batenburg Cake

39. Anything Gold or Copper 

40. My engagement ring

41. When my house smells like clean washing. 

42. Snowboarding

43. The ocean

44. Thinking about my wedding day.

45. Calligraphy.

46. Baking 

47. Jamie’s cooking. 

48. Wandering, exploring and finding new exciting things. 

49. New stationery - especially notebooks. I buy them All. The. Time. 

50. New makeup. 

I really enjoyed writing this list out and I have to say it has lifted my spirits focusing on all of the positive things in my life. Why not list all of the things that make you happy and leave one thing in the comments below?