Big Announcement:: A new member of the wedding photography team.

By now, you will all know my lovely husband Jamie. From the very beginning, he has fuelled and supported my dreams, even when they seemed almost too big or too crazy, and somewhere along the line he picked up a camera. I'm not sure the exact point that my love and obsession for photography started to wear off on him, but a few months back he asked how I felt about training him up to become my second shooter. Internally, I did a little dance. Having Jamie as my second was exactly what I wanted, but I had never wanted to push him into it. You can't force creativity or art, it would have to come from him, so when it did, I was delighted. 

However, I wasn't exactly prepared for how great he would be. I didn't realise how easy it would be to teach him. I have a very specific vision for the look of my work, I know exactly how I have to set up my camera to get that look, and I thought it would take time for Jamie to come into sync with that. I was so wrong. He has all the things that I don't, sees all the moments that I cannot, yet his vision fits seamlessly with mine. Sometimes, he suggests something that doesn't sit well with my vision, he says 'why don't we try this?' and the perfectionist inside me wants to cry 'ARE YOU CRAZY?' and then he does it anyway and presents me with something so beautiful that I could never have imagined. On Wednesday, he shot his very first wedding with me and as I uploaded each of his photographs I was in awe of his work, almost jealous of some of the shots that I hadn't even thought of, I just know that they will take my bride and groom's breath away.

With that in mind, I am delighted to announce that all of my clients from now onwards will have both me and Jamie as photographers on their wedding day as a husband and wife team. I know that this will bring a whole new dynamic to my work, and that all of my brides will adore the work that he brings to the table. He is a real diamond, and I am very lucky to have him on my team.