Midlands Wedding Photographer:: Amber and Luke Engagement Shoot

midlands engagement shoot
...And you’ll always love me.. and the rain won’t make any difference...
— Ernest Hemingway

As much as I dream of every photoshoot taking place in dancing, golden light on Summer evenings, sometimes English summer gives you rain. Lots of it. Sometimes, the rain pours so heavy you start to wonder whether it is rain or a waterfall with a few gaps here and there. Sunday July  26th was one of those occasions...

Before we committed to anything, I gave Luke and Amber the option to reschedule, but these brave warriors decided that embracing the rain was the perfect option. So, I leant Amber a pair of wellies and we headed into the forrest due to both the option of a bit of shelter and Luke's love of trees (this came up more than you might expect, as well as both of their love of rain) and went on to capture some of the most beautiful portraits I have ever achieved. Rain and all. 

Bethany StanleyComment