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Shrewsbury Wedding Photographers & Filmmakers - Kate & Thom - Albright Hussey

Shrewsbury Wedding Photographers & Filmmakers at a beautiful Albright Hussey Wedding.

The golden Sunlight filled the scenic surroundings of the beautiful Albright Hussey Hotel as we walked with Kate and Thom for their evening portrait session. The hotel was behind us, teaming with laughter and excitement, the guests spilling out onto the front lawn of the beautiful Tudor manor.

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8 Tips for couples on their wedding day - Shropshire, Uk & Destination Wedding Photographer

Most of my working life, I live and breathe weddings. We are in constant contact with brides and suppliers - there is so much more involved in being Photographers & Filmmakers than being present on the day. We have been known to wear so many hats on a wedding day, from chauffeuring family members and flowers, fixing windswept hair, mini morning therapy sessions when the nerves get a little to much, to catching escaped dogs and putting them safely in the house…

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Adventure Session - Barcelona Anniversary Photography & Filmmaking

Sometimes, people tell us that they wish they’d have known about us when they got married. These comments always touch us, knowing that someone would choose us to capture one of the most important days of their lives is always an honour that we never take lightly. However, we always tell people that there is no reason to feel like the time to invest in a photographer has to be limited to their wedding day…

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Autumn Sussex Tipi Wedding Photographer - Anna & Tom

On a beautiful Autumn morning, the golden light poured into the Sussex countryside as Tom and Anna prepared for their beautiful wedding to be held at Tom’s family home. Family was, in fact, a key part of the celebrations, with Anna’s nieces and nephews taking centre stage in the bridal party, all dressed in neutrals and looking positively angelic…

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