Adventure Session - Barcelona Anniversary Photography & Filmmaking


Sometimes, people tell us that they wish they’d have known about us when they got married. These comments always touch us, knowing that someone would choose us to capture one of the most important days of their lives is always an honour that we never take lightly. However, we always tell people that there is no reason to feel like the time to invest in a photographer has to be limited to their wedding day. In fact, we heartily disagree with the idea that the only momentous occasion worth documenting is your wedding. There are momentous moments all throughout our lives - whether that be something as big as a marriage or a new member of the family or something as seemingly small, such as the first day of school, a wedding anniversary or even just a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to travel. We live in a digital age, an age where everyone is always capturing everything, seeing life through a phone screen - but what if we were more intentional about these important and fleeting moments? What if you could just be present in the moment, but still know that you were keeping a record? Whatever moment or occasion you think is important, we agree. We want to help celebrate the small victories, the big moments & the milestones. Having a beautiful, artful representation should not be reserved for one single day, one single moment. There are so many moments worth archiving, so many stories worth telling.

This is the reason why we absolutely love shooting anniversary sessions, whether that be for past clients or new friends. We think that capturing a marriage that is standing the test of time, that has developed and changed beyond the fresh and precious first moments is just as beautiful as capturing a marriage on the day it begins. We had the absolute pleasure of exploring the Catalonian mountains surrounding Barcelona in order to find the perfect spot to capture Abbie & Jake’s five year wedding anniversary. We chased the golden light through forests and mountains until we discovered a snow capped peak falling behind a rolling pasture and were able to create something new for this beautiful couple to hang beside their wedding photos, another moment passed but made permanent through a series of images and a cinematic film.


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