Shropshire Newborn Photographer:: Henry & Jack

His little hands stole my heart.. and his little feet ran away with it.
— Unknown

When some of my dearest friends welcomed their second little boy into the world I was so overwhelmed with the concept of capturing a few precious moments from his first few days. There is something so indescribably wonderful and equally terrifying about being responsible for putting this new life into a photograph, knowing that one day Henry will be a full sized human with real ideas, plans and aspirations looking back at this tiny bundle without a blink of recognition or memory. 

My goal during the shoot was to capture something utterly natural. I didn't want to disturb what was naturally so beautiful by trying to get him to pose. For me, there is nothing more stunning than seeing such a small bundle, so surrounded by love, sleeping or exploring his surroundings. I also had the bonus of an adorable 18 month old Jack, who is completely fascinated and besotted by his new baby brother and, equally, his new shoes.