Your day is only a few weeks away! We cannot wait to be a part of it. We just need a few important details from you, if you could take a few minutes of your time to fill out as much of this form as possible we would be really grateful! There is an extra section at the bottom of the form for any extra details that don’t come up but you think we may need to know!

Details of Your Day
Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Date of Wedding
Date of Wedding
Time of Ceremony *
Time of Ceremony
Location Details
Bride's Getting Ready Location Address *
Bride's Getting Ready Location Address
Groom's Getting Ready Location Address
Groom's Getting Ready Location Address
(if applicable)
Ceremony Address
Ceremony Address
Reception Venue Address
Reception Venue Address
Contact Details
Bride's Preferred Contact
Bride's Preferred Contact
Please provide the name and number of the preferred contact in case we need to contact you on the morning of your wedding.
Phone Number
Groom's Preferred Contact
Groom's Preferred Contact
Phone number
Party Details
(or, if you have no maid of honour, the name of a reliable person who will be present with the bride at all times during morning preparations. i.e. Mother of the bride.)
Photography Information
I recommend you keep the group shots below ten separate groups as these will limit the time I am able to spend with the two of you for portraits. Please list the group shots that you want me to capture. (i.e. Grooms Family, Brides family, Groom's Parents, Bride's Parents etc.) If we have already discussed this then you can leave it blank!
An estimated timeline of events during the day will help us to allot time necessary for photography.
We sometimes use a playlist while shooting portraits and we like to incorporate your favourite music whenever we can!
Vendor Details
Knowing who is involved in your day is really useful to us, it helps us with blog submissions and we can make sure any photos we share are seen by the people who's hard work they feature! If you could include links to websites/social media as well we would be extra grateful, but names are super useful!
If not us!
Please include any other important details of your day that you wish to be recorded or you feel will be useful.
That's everything! Thank you SO much for filling this in for us - it makes a huge difference in making our job a little easier!