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Mallory Court was our third invitation from the wonderful people over at the Eden Hotel Collection and honestly it was the one that I was most excited for; Mallory Court have just opened their brand new Elan Spa, situated in the stunning Orchard house, and it was a truly indulgent experience from beginning to end. We were welcomed with champagne and were guided through a sitting room of velvet sofa’s, crystal glasses, fireplaces and bay windows out onto the terrace of the award winning grounds. The grounds at Mallory court are a true masterpiece, with rose gardens, an orchard, ponds and bridges, landscaped to appear as though it was a wild and natural occurrence, it really set the tone for the relaxing atmosphere that they have endeavoured to create for their guests. 


After a brief tour of orchard house, we were introduced to our room - with all the luxury and attention to detail that we have come to expect from the incredible Eden Hotel Collection. The neutral colour scheme was instantly calming, and the beautiful marble clad bathroom was truly to die for - we felt instantly spoiled from the moment we entered, from the huge cosy bed to the mini fridge packed with an array of treats for us to enjoy. 


Once we had had a little time to get comfortable, it was time for our treatments: a 55 minute back massage and express facial using the amazing Elan Spa range. We were cared for by two amazing beauty therapists who were both clearly experts in our trade, analysing our skin, asking us what we wanted to gain from the treatment and really tailoring the whole experience to us as individuals. We were both instructed to inhale the fragrances of the oils and choose which one we enjoyed the most, as this would theoretically tell us which essential oils our bodies needed most. We were asked whether we wanted to feel relaxed or restored, the type of pressure we wanted, and if we had any areas of concern that we wished to have worked more than others. During the facial, the therapists inspected our skin under UV light in order to select the correct products for our skin types as well as being able to give us the best recommendations on how to look after our skin thereafter. We both left feeling completely relaxed, with the same sense of wanting the massage to last forever. 


Next it was time to go and take advantage of the incredible spa facilities - what I loved most when looking around was the attention that the Eden Hotel Collection had put into the detail of the spa, this is something that is ever apparent when staying with them and Mallory court was no different. The spa was a beautiful haven of neutral tones, beautiful tiling, comfortable lounge chairs and a truly relaxed atmosphere. The spa was small but this did not mean it wasn't as indulgent an experience as you would hope for from a spa day, boasting a hydrotherapy pool, a sauna, steam room and mud chamber, as well as an outdoor hot tub. The gardens at orchard house were still being landscaped, but I can imagine that the hot tub will be a stunning place to relax once they are complete. Their is also an outdoor sauna and shower which is a real treat and I imagine would be amazing during the colder months 


When it comes to food - Eden never fail to amaze us. I would say the two best meals I have had in my life have both been eaten at one of the collection's hotels. They pride themselves on their in house ingredients, award winning chefs, and incredible service. Every meal is crafted to not only taste but appear beautiful and you know that whatever dish you order, no matter how many other versions you've had in the past, this meal is going to take that idea and completely overhaul it with a new idea of what that food should taste like. On this occasion, I decided to absolutely ruin my relationship with any other Pork belly I will ever have by ordered the most exquisite take on this dish you could possibly imagine. Each course was an almost magical combination of ingredients, making you savour each and every mouthful. We were also absolutely spoiled, as always, with a wonderful breakfast spread complete with a view of the spa and an array of beautiful decor. 


Our stay at Mallory Court came at a time when we needed a break from reality, a true haven to rest and recover, and Eden truly pulled through on giving us the experience we really required. The attention to detail was stunning, the gardens in themselves are enough to make you feel as though you have been carried away from the stresses of daily life and placed in an environment so far away from your normal routine that you feel instantly refreshed. Each visit to any of the Eden Collection's establishment takes your breath away but, for now at least, Mallory Court takes its place in my heart as a firm favourite. 

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