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In a garden full of roses, my favourite place to wander in June, we pulled up outside David Austin and called Alexandra from inside the landscaped area. The flowers were climbing the walls and archways around us as we went to meet her in the tea room. The table was stacked with a healthy amount of wedding magazines, notebooks and scraps of paper as we took a seat and ordered tea together. We started to dream up a shoot concept to help Alexandra show the world that alongside her Wedding planning and styling, she also showcases an incredible skill in floristry. Her signature is that each bouquet of wild, tumbling, natural foliage is created with only British flowers, taken from flower farms and walled gardens in the UK, rather than importing them from abroad. The mood board came together incredibly naturally, with Alexandra ready with an array of ideas and an open mind to James' thoughts for creating a bespoke editorial film and my own take on what the imagery should look like. By the end of our lunch date we were wandering the gardens together discussing options for bouquets, styling pieces and other vendors who may like to be on board. We parted with a hug and a date in the diary to meet at The Old Swan And Minster Mill for a shoot in late August. 

The premise of the shoot was simple. Fine Art, floral beauty in quintessentially British surroundings, with a small selection of up and coming vendors to compliment Alexandra's brand. The Old Swan & Minster Mill was the ideal location, set in the heart of the cotswolds, surrounded by stunning grounds and decadently beautiful frontages. We also were excited to include the amazingly talented Silk and Purl, who's stunning silk ribbons complimented the undone feeling of the bouquet, as well as the wonderful Laura Elizabeth Patrick who created a floral inspired bespoke set of stationery with her hand written calligraphy gracing each piece with effortless beauty. The vast majority of this shoot was shot on 35mm Film, which i'm doing more and more on shoots such as this. It was a great opportunity for me to really express myself and show my own creativity. 

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