Bosworth Hotel Wedding Photographer: Luke and Amber Best

Unless you love someone, nothing else makes any sense.
— E.E Cummings

Shooting friend's weddings can be a complicated science, at times. Being there as guests and working as photographers can be incredibly tiring, but, as this wedding in particular has proven, incredibly rewarding. Luke and Amber got married at the beautiful Bosworth Hotel on the 27th of May, and shooting with them was honestly a complete dream. Luke is Jamie's childhood friend, and somebody who I have grown to love over the years I have known him - I remember one time in particular I was ditched for a weekend because the two of them needed to spend the time making music, and I didn't even mind because there's some friendships you just don't interrupt. And then, just a couple of months before Jamie and I tied the knot, along came amber. All green eyes and beautiful smiles, and the most perfect compliment to Luke I could possibly imagine. We invited her along as Luke's plus one to our wedding without a second thought, because we just knew that this one was forever. And here I am, two years later, blogging the photographs from their beautiful wedding day. 

The wedding itself was a beautiful combination between country luxury and rustic accents, with every detail catered to by Amber and her amazing vision for the day. Amber was an absolute vision in a gorgeous tea-length gown, fresh flowers adorning her Pinterest worthy braid, and a stunning bridal glow to boot, while Luke styled it out in his tweed jacket, waistcoat and mismatched trousers, with stag details on his cufflinks. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day: 

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