Travel Diaries :: Paris Days 3 & 4

Avec tout mon coeur
— (With All My Heart)

I think day three of our Paris trip will probably go down as one of my favourite days ever. We started the morning of by wandering around the beautiful Museum D'orsay, the grand converted train station with it's breathtaking glass ceiling and famous clock windows, housing a stunning collection of art and sculptures. What I loved about D'orsay, though, wasn't just the art. It was the fact that it was filled with artists, young and old, sketching the architecture, painting their own versions of the artwork, and one little girl drawing a particularly interesting (and by interesting, I mean adorable) picture of a cat. We followed this by a visit to the world renowned Angelina, famed for selling the best hot chocolate in Paris, quite a broad statement if you have tasted hot chocolate in Paris, but we weren't disappointed. Thick, molten chocolate served by the jug, accompanied by a salted caramel eclair was exactly the heaven it sounds like. We then wandered the streets for a while, searching for gems like Galerie Vivienne and finished the day off by jumping on the Metro to visit my favourite place in the whole of Paris - The Eiffel Tower. If you haven't been to Paris, that may sound like a bit of a cliche, but trust me when I say she is so beautiful and glorious on the Parisian skyline, never failing to take your breath away. We ate dinner on the Seine on the sunset, and watched as she lit up the sky. 

Day four, was also as wonderful and whimsical as one could expect from a day in the city of lights. We visited the Louvre in the morning, I'd never been particularly keen on the idea but I'm so glad we did. If it's phenomenally large collection wasn't enough, the decor and architecture was incredible on it's own. The building is huge, and it is actually impossible to look at every item in it's inventory, but we got to see the Mona Lisa and that in itself made it worth the visit. After a few hours there, we went on to grab a bite to eat and then over to Notre Dame. In doing so, we stumbled upon the most beautiful flower market (there really is something special about seeing peonies in Paris), in all of its spring colours, and then headed to our favourite chocolate shop to collect some deliciousness to take home with us.