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If there is one thing I have learned from spending the last two years as a professional creator, is that growth is an eternal thing. It doesn't stop or peak, really. You just keep creating, discovering and growing. Sometimes it is more gradual, sometimes there are jackpot moments, but the real secret is to stay inspired. It was at the dawn of spring earlier this year when I realised a new desire, to create for both myself and for others. Let me explain; when you spend your life capturing the lives of others, there is a definite thrill. It makes you feel like you have a purpose, and importance. You add value to peoples lives through the work you design especially for them, and to an extent you do so in a way that satisfies your own creative thirst. However, there is a definite desire to create work that is personal, precious, and inspired for and by you. You need to have a collection of personal work, whatever art form you work in, so as to inspire the work you do for others, to prevent your creative process becoming stale and routine. It was in the spring that it struck me, how rewarding it would be to truly combine both sides of the coin. I wanted to create something personal, for other people to enjoy, therefore adding value to both my life and the lives of others. This is when I first imagined up my special project: Print Shop by Bethany Stanley. 

So what is so special about my selling my work as prints? Here are a few things that I love about the little corner of the internet I have created. 


1. My flagship product - The Gallery Wall Collection. 

The Gallery Wall Collection was the idea that really drove me to work on creating these products for others; a selection of 9 beautiful fine art prints, accompanied by a gallery curation guide, carefully designed and written by myself to help you hang the prints in your home alongside your own photography and artwork, all packaged up and ready for you to hang. We currently have 5 collections in the shop, which can be found here, that were shot in Paris, Disneyland & Switzerland. 

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
— Pablo Picasso


When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.
— Alfred Eisenstaedt

2. The classic roots

I shot all of the imagery for my shop entirely on film. Shooting on film is my favourite way of connecting with my most creative side, as I have no lcd to rely on, and I have to shoot entirely based on my knowledge of my camera and my vision, which truly helps me to achieve my best work. I also believe that it gives each image an authentic, whimsical feel that just cannot be achieved through digital photography. It is something about the grain, the colour palette and the way it translates light that truly makes it special. 


3. The quality 

One thing that was of utmost importance to me whilst choosing my suppliers, was that my prints be supplied on the highest quality, archival standard papers with the most beautiful textures to ensure that not only would you receive something that was beautiful to look at and hold in your hands, but something that would also last you a lifetime. You will notice this quality as soon as you open your prints, the cotton rag gives the paper a fine, textured feel, something that you imagine you would find in a fairytale book, or as the background of a beautiful watercolour. These prints are more than just basic prints for your office, I believe that they can be treasured as artwork for your home. 



4. The Subjects. 

Anyone who knows me, will know how much I love to travel, and as a photographer I have fallen more and more in love with travel photography, so making my shop consist of travel pieces was really a no brainer. Of course, I have plans on extending the subjects out in the future, but sharing with you the places I love the most, captured in what I feel to be a new and inspiring way, really feels like the perfect place to start. Paris is home for me, Disneyland is my happy place, and Switzerland is where all of my dreams came alive. I know that you will connect with them in the same way that I do. 


Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.
— Lewis Carroll


I have been so excited to share these prints with you for such a long time, and I plan on posting on here from time to time to give you more background on how I shot each collection and print. If you want to browse and purchase, please visit my shop!

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